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The Los Angeles TIME WAR casualty at the Time Space Administration (TSA)

Rd-blog-number-4436 by Herb Zinser reviews varies  EARTH  science battles that are in the news.

Books written in code ....  have outlined some of the SCIENCE WAR situation.


Above proper noun of author ..........

original words --> eLectRON  Hubble(ton) astronomy area RD , Wisc…

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The Friedel-Crafts I-35W TIME Bridge collapse

RD-blog-number-4380  by Herb Zinser reviews the information database about the I-35W Bridge collapse in St. Paul (Dirac), Minnesota.


I-35W Mississippi River bridge


I-35W Mis --> Management Information Systems  bridge

Black Holes & Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy ...


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The University of Chicago life-TIME WAR from year 1924

RD-blog-number-4162 by Herb Zinser reviews Nature's  atomic-bio-TIME WAR with the   perception ERRORS of the University of Chicago and other schools.

The priority of the educational system,  business society, labor unions, communities and  cities is dinner TIME.

That  is the only important  th…

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Max Planck TIME with the Junior Seau TIME of death

N-paper  0003 by Herb Zinser

 Let's translate some of the more obscure,  embedded,  subset messages in the newspaper article.   These subset messages are  to be figured out by the reader ..that are like puzzles that challenge the reader's awareness of basic existential math and science.


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The East Timor TIME WAR - city of Baltimore

Concept Papers CP-053  by Herb Zinser about the  systems war to control Baltimore, Maryland human brain bio-computer ERRORS.





Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE,  EARTH    language, and super-symmetry geo-physics MIRRORS  give us the

East Coast of the United States and  Baltimore

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DR.WHO and the earth civilizations TIME WAR

Concept Paper   CP-051 by Herb Zinser  outlines human existence that is a subset embedded within the fabric of SPACE and TIME on EARTH.

Are  you  a  2-TIME loser?

The  2 Towers of the World Trade Center (Center of Mass) became a 2-TIME Loser  on Sept 11, 2001  ... per base TIME exponent 2 geo…

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Einstein's curvature of space / time

Concept Paper Cp-054 by Herb Zinser on EARTH space/time systems 



General relativity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In particular, the curvature of spacetime is directly related to the energy and ... The relation is speci…

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